Rev. Charles D. Irvin, Jr.


In 1974 Rev. Irvin joined Mt. Pilgrim and soon after he was ordained as a deacon. Rev. Irvin’s commitment and dedication to God led him to want to make a deeper commitment to Christ. Rev. Irvin accepted God’s call to preach the gospel and was licensed on October 7, 1979 and was ordained on May 25, 1980.

Shortly after Rev. Irvin was led to join Highland Missionary Baptist Church in Terre Haute, Indiana where he served as Assistant Pastor for 15 years (1981 – 1996) under the leadership of the late Pastor Clarence N. Tyler. In 1996 Rev. Irvin was called to be the pastor of Mt. Pilgrim.

Pastor Irvin attended the Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Indiana where he received a diploma on May 15, 1989 and a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology on May 15, 2007.

Pastor Irvin currently serves as the second Vice-President of the Indiana Missionary Baptist State Convention under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Andre’ McGhee, President and is Moderator of the Southwest District Association of the IMBSC.

Pastor Irvin’s vision down thru the years for Mt. Pilgrim is to instill a firm foundation of truth, wisdom and knowledge about God’s love and mercy. Striving to show God’s love for its members and community thru teaching and preaching about the goodness of God.  For the past 20 years Pastor Irvin has stood as a warrior headed into battle for God, leading the membership of Mt. Pilgrim to fight on for God’s mission.  Under his leadership four ministers have been licensed to preach.

Pastor Irvin places a strong emphasis on Bible teaching and has seen lives changed and understanding gained through God’s Word.  He has a strong desire to see God’s people built up in the faith as they come into the knowledge of who they are in Christ. He is a fully devoted disciple of Christ and on fire for the Lord. His desire is to teach and preach so that the people of Mt. Pilgrim become consumed with love for their Saviour and to lead them in loving Christ and making Him preeminent in their lives.